Web Service Terms Of Use

Web Services act to provide single feature, applications are built by some Web Services.

  • Modified on 15th April, 2013
    • Added that communication may be blocked.
  • Modified on 21st November, 2011
    • Added the term shown to the users of the works using the service.
  • Established on 12th May, 2009
  • Agree with following:
    • This service has no guarantee on anything which is including accuracy, stability and so on.
    • Any warranties are disclaimed.
    • This service may be stoped, expired or moved to other location without notice.
    • This Terms Of Use may be changed without notice.
    • Once a bad request appears, the communcation between source computer and this server may be blocked.
  • Read following pages and agree them.
  • Do not use this service for the purpose to act illegaly, to act against public policy, or to act as triggers to act illegaly or to act against public policy.
  • If you distribute or publicate the works using this service, notify following terms to the users of your works.
    • This service is provided with no guarranty on anything and any warranties are disclaimed.
    • The service provider does not support problesm of the works, even if they are caused by the service.
  • The upper bound of the frequency of use each day is limited to 100,000 as a rule. If your works access more than that, contact us beforehand.
  • If particular Tems of Use for this service are available, agree both of this Terms of Use and particular one.

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