WMC Manryo Release Note

Ver 0.9.15 (Ver Code 23) 28th October, 2012

  • Fixed that the application stoped when the application showes two Cyber Japan layers on the same time.

Ver 0.9.14 (Ver Code 22) 23rd October, 2012

  • Enabled to support CyberJapan Data.
  • Added headings to preferences screen.
  • Enabled to permit plugin access by preferences activity.
  • Enhanced on plugin, not only BROWSE_LOCATION but also PICK_LOCATION and INTERACTION_LOCATION are available as action.
  • Fixed that initial alpha value was ignored.

Ver 0.9.13 (Ver Code 21) 19th September, 2012

  • Enhanced to pass "zoom" and "azimuth" values to plugins.
  • Fixed that no message when no plugin.
  • Enabled to show Google Street View.

Ver 0.9.12 (Ver Code 20) 11th September, 2012

  • Fixed that KML is never shows after KML overlay is closed until the process is killed.
  • Supports KML color property in IconStyle.
  • Supports ActionBar if the device supports.
  • Enabled to show center marker (you can hide by changing preference).
  • Enabled to show attributions.
  • Fixed that map list did not show imported map when WMC Manryo was called by external applications.

Ver 0.9.11 (Ver Code 19) 4th September, 2012

  • Fixes that WMC could not import customization document.

Ver 0.9.10 (Ver Code 18) 30th August, 2012

  • TileIndexLayer is available.
  • Rule for TmsLayer is changed.
  • Layers belonging to BitmapOverlay can fetch images from content providers.

Ver 0.9.9 (Ver Code 17) 9th July, 2012

  • Internal map properties are changed because URLs of WMS/TMS are changed.
  • Internal text for license application is fixed. So, immediately after this is updated, license application dialog is shown.
  • Specification of WMC property XML is changed from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0 (Internal upgrader is implemented, so also 1.0.2 can be used).
  • "Layer" menu is fully changed.
  • Bug that a part of the map cannot accept touch event is fixed.
  • Bug that pinch in/out cannot be performed on Android 2.3 or upper is fixed.
  • Supports KML (PlaceMark).

Ver 0.9.8 (Ver Code 9) 24th February, 2011

  • OSM map is included.
  • Inertial scroll is available (Users can disable at WMC Preference).
  • Starting by the URI with "geo:" is implemented (Also "wmc:" can start).
  • Dialog for confrimation to close the map is available (Users can disable at WMC Preference).
  • Progress dialog during clearing cache is available.
  • Fixes the problem that this application behaves as GPS positioning is always enabled.
  • The feature drawing meshes on background is available.
  • Default background color of all preset maps are changed from #ffffffff to #00ffffff.
  • Some URLs in map property are fixed.
  • "s" parameter of "wmc:" URI is deplicated. Please use "z" parameter instead.

Ver 0.9.7 (Ver Code 8) 17th February, 2011

  • The first release.


Also release note for old wmc is kept.

WMC Manryo 0.9.15 (Version Code 23) (28th October, 2012)

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