WMC - A map viewer for Android

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WMC is a map viewer for Android (1.6 or later, not using Google API).

MWC can show the map WMS(Web Map Service) provided as each layer.

Moreover, the application based on WMC can be easily created using the Intent function.


Manryo Nightly
Version Code 28 (6th May, 2014)
WMC Manryo 0.9.15 (Version Code 23) (28th October, 2012)
23rd October, 2012
Plugin Guide is updated.
24th September, 2012
"Tentative Map around Kyoto-Shi" is added to WMC Contents List. Special thanks to Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures, Ritsumeikan University.
30th August, 2012
Version of Customization Document is updated.
Manryo Ver. 0.9.10 (Release Note)
28th February, 2011
Developing plugins is published.

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WMC Manryo 0.9.15 (Version Code 23) (28th October, 2012)

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