License Agreements of some softwares have been changed


  • Modified on 17th September, 2010
    (Inquiery section is extracted)
  • Published on 14th September, 2010

Thank you for your interest in WMC - A map viewer for Android ("WMC"), and ROCOCO Library.

Today, License Agreements have been changed (They were distributed under New BSD License till today).

Affected softwares are following:

They are districuted under the license shown in each License Agreement (not opensource) from today.

This is a very large change. I want users, developers and persons who are interested in them as open source projects to accept my apology for the changes.

Q & A

  • Published on 17th September, 2010
When was new license applied?
About 21:00 14th September, 2010 JST. Currently, WMC shows the dialog for license agreement at first running; and in ROCOCO Library(Only Japanese version) scripts, comments for license notice are modified.
I use what was downloaded before license was changed. Must I use it under new license retroactively?
You may not use it retroactively, if it was downloaded before license was changed. However, we would say that we want you to use it under new license.
Can I use ROCOCO Library under new license?
If you download files and uploads them to the other server, ROCOCO Libary cannot be used under new license. If your HTML files let browsers to read files on server directly, you can use them even under new license.


  • Published on 17th September, 2010
    (Extracted from the announcement)

For more information, please contact via Inquiery. Your message is transfered to the person in charge of intellectural property at Technology Licensing Subsection, Intellectural Property Center, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization.

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